"The last several years I have had the pleasure of sailing to remote destinations to lead expedition dives, catch trophy fish and run luxury charters for guests and owners alike. I was born and raised in Durban, South Africa - on the ocean. Although late, I attended Maritzburg college as a border, surrounded by driven individuals who have played a big role in who I am today.

After obtaining a sailing bursary for my Master Captains Licence, I haven't looked back. Sailing has introduced me to a variety of people, cultures and has instilled in me a work ethic that has followed me throughout my journey in this industry. 


In 2014, I decided to further my education by studying a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration and Marketing to further market my services and gain an understanding of the commercial aspects of running a business.

My passions lie as a Freedive Spear-Fisherman, Aspiring Underwater Photographer and a Yacht Management Specialist.


I hope you receive my Resume in good-light, as I look forward to meeting and corresponding with you in the future"

"Marks experience in entertaining people through his passion will be recognized the moment you set foot on his boat. His honesty is contagious, his sense of humor delightful and his ability in the water - unmatched. " Grahams 2017 

Seychelles to the British Virgin Islands - 2017 - Video Produced by Timothy Woodley (Yours Truly Visual)